HR Grapevine's Annual Conference

London - 16th March 2017 #HRGV2017


7:30 - Registration

8:30 - Conference address

8:45 - Session 1: Change & Transformation

The ability to transform individuals and businesses is a strategic ability that few possess. But HR has the potential to embrace this power and guide and develop people in a way that can overcome any obstacles in times of uncertainty.

  • Future-proofing the business for all generations
  • Developing leaders to adapt to change
  • Creating a marketing mindset in HR
  • Fostering a successful culture from scratch 

10:15 - Coffee break and networking

11:00 - Session 2: Performance & Productivity

To achieve the impossible, individuals must go above and beyond. And it is HR that can help employees unlock their potential and perform better than they have before through predictive analytics and the right employee engagement strategies.

  • Measuring performance to succeed
  • The DNA of fanatical performance 
  • The art of a conversation
  • Driving the bar on performance

12:30 - Networking & Cocktails

13:30 - Lunch

14:30 - Session 3: Belief & Inspiration

Magic is real, as long as you believe in it. But in order to foster belief among the entire workforce, including the Board, HR needs to inspire everyone to embrace the company’s strategy in good times and in times of change.

  • Creating a new belief system among the entire workforce
  • Engaging employees without money
  • Inspiring in times of uncertainty
  • Employment engagement strategies building advocacy within the workplace

16:00 - Conference Close