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London - 16th March 2017 #HRGV2017


David Littlechild, Group Head of Engagement & Insights, Lloyd's Banking Group, Lloyd's Banking Group

David Littlechild

David Littlechild

Group Head of Engagement & Insights, Lloyd's Banking Group

David is currently the Group Head of the Culture,  Engagement & Insights  and works closely with the Group’s Senior Executive team and their leadership teams to identify and develop strategic interventions to support delivery of the Group’s vision and strategy.

David has 15 years’ experience as an innovative and highly effective leader with a strong track record of delivering results in a multi-branded, multi-channel organisation. He has led the Group’s transformational approach to Engagement since the merger between Lloyds TSB and HBOS in 2009.

As Group lead on Culture since 2014, he is also responsible for providing regular updates to external regulators and other governing bodies and is the Group lead for the Banking Standards Board annual assessment of competence and behaviour across the financial services sector.

David is a passionate and energetic leader, who enjoys working with senior leaders and line managers on all aspects of culture and engagement and has experience of working with teams in the UK, Europe and US.

He is actively involved in supporting the UK Government’s Engage for Success initiative and is Judge for a number of engagement related awards. As Senior Lead Assessor in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) programme, he has experience of leading organisational assessments across the Telecommunications, Technology, Automotive and Hospitality sectors. 

David lives with his partner in North London, where he is renovating a property. His other interests and passions are travelling and most sports, including football, yoga and running.