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London - 16th March 2017 #HRGV2017


Roland White, Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft

Roland White

Roland White

Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Roland White is the Global Director for Diversity & Inclusion, GSMO at Microsoft.

With Diversity and Inclusion being a core pillar to Microsoft’s strategy of “Empowering every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”, his team is accountable for overall strategic leadership, partnership and subject matter expertise to business leaders and HR Business partners, embedding the strategy and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs in all countries outside of the US, alongside measuring the impact and ultimate ROI.

Every person is diverse, and it is their inherent and acquired characteristics that bring value to an organisation. It is not just about those visible aspects of race, gender, age and so forth, but those invisible aspects of sexual orientation, identity, religion, social, industry or economic et al.

It is only by creating an environment where difference is not only accepted, but embraced and encouraged, that employees will be enabled to innovate and reach their maximum potential, as individuals, as a corporation and society as whole.

On a personal level, Roland is an openly gay leader, partner, father and an individual that embraces the challenges of mental health on a daily basis.