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HR takes centre stage

Session One: From Purpose to Purposeful

Purpose and its role in unifying organisations and driving performance to the benefit of all stakeholders has become a focus of much discussion in recent times. It is of course not about the words but the actions an organisation takes – not about the purpose but about being purposeful.  This session will explore the power of purpose and will reveal the findings of a recent study exploring the concept and its relevance in performance and engagement with both HR and business leaders.

  • How important is purpose and how should it guide organisational behaviour?
  • How do organisations go about operationalising it?
  • How does the view of HR contrast with business leaders outside this function, e.g. in marketing and communications? 

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Intermission for coffee & table debate

Session Two: The impact of tech on HR in 2020

Technology is a catalyst in the organisational structure of HR.  From the rise of AI to the implementation of virtual reality in business, digital developments are transforming how a company’s culture is formed and maintained.

  • How can technology improve the logistics of the HR function?
  • How will analytics play a larger role in forming organisational values?
  • To what extent will we foresee AI as a necessity in 2020, rather than an additional luxury? 

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Networking Break

Session Three: Taking control of Talent Management

95% of HR leaders cited burnout as the main reason that their top talent is heading for the door. It’s no longer enough for businesses to think onboarding ends when a contract is signed, or that employees will find their own way in an organisational structure. HR needs to take centre stage in leading the Talent Management revival, through asking the difficult questions that every Board needs to hear.

  • How is the business evaluating senior executives and their direct reports?
  • What is the business doing to retain its high-potential talent?
  • Has HR kept pace with the changing demands of the workplace?

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Insight Session Stream A

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Insight Session Stream B

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Session Four: The culture of Change Management

The world of work is changing. Organisations need to adapt to this shifting landscape or risk falling into oblivion. Leading through change is a skill that has earned its place in HR’s remit; the current political and economic uncertainty has meant that businesses need to master change management now more than ever before.

  • How can HR track employee perceptions through change?
  • How do you communicate change without inciting panic?
  • Can HR build the most transformative case for change, and if so, how?

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