Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Pieter Myburgh

Head of Employee Engagement and Integrated Communication

Pieter Myburgh
Anglo American

About Pieter Myburgh

Pieter Myburgh is Head of Employee Engagement and Integrated Communication at Anglo American. In this and other roles he managed the changeover to the Anglo American brand, launched a global advertising campaign, and launched Anglo American's web, intranet and social media platforms. He oversees employee engagement, change management and the annual report development (strategic report) as well as communication integration globally. He is also responsible for sponsorships and digital asset management.

Pieter has more than 20 years' experience in both internal and external communication management both globally and locally covering mining, manufacturing, higher education and consultancy. At an industry level he chairs the Communication Oversight Committee of the International Council for Metals and Minerals.


Session One: From Purpose to Purposeful

Purpose and its role in unifying organisations and driving performance to the benefit of all stakeholders has become a focus of much discussion in recent times. It is of course not about the words but the actions an organisation takes – not about the purpose but about being purposeful.  This session will explore the power of purpose and will reveal the findings of a recent study exploring the concept and its relevance in performance and engagement with both HR and business leaders.


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