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Nikolaj Knudtzon

HR Director

Nikolaj Knudtzon
Danske Bank

About Nikolaj Knudtzon

Nikolaj Knudtzon heads People & Culture in Danske Bank, the core of HR Development in Group HR. He has only short experience in the financial industry however many years heading HR in the European pharmaceutical world. He has been part of transformations across functions, geographies and cultures internationally.


Session One: From Purpose to Purposeful

Purpose and its role in unifying organisations and driving performance to the benefit of all stakeholders has become a focus of much discussion in recent times. It is of course not about the words but the actions an organisation takes – not about the purpose but about being purposeful.  This session will explore the power of purpose and will reveal the findings of a recent study exploring the concept and its relevance in performance and engagement with both HR and business leaders.

  • How important is purpose and how should it guide organisational behaviour?
  • How do organisations go about operationalising it?
  • How does the view of HR contrast with business leaders outside this function, e.g. in marketing and communications? 

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