Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Bev White

Chief Executive Officer

Bev White
Gi Group UK

About Bev White

Bev has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA. She has always had a curiosity about how things work and how to make them even better and this and the drive to create conditions where people can be the very best versions of themselves has remained her focus throughout her career. 

Starting out in I.T. her sights were set was on creating software and technology that would enable businesses to become more efficient and create differentiation over the competition. Starting in IBM as a graduate trainee, followed by a few years at a client site putting systems and technology into a previously completely un-automated business. Bev joined Schlumberger where she worked for 5 businesses in this international group including energy and utility systems, aerospace, space, oil and gas.

Bev joined NTL as technology director initially developing systems supporting the governments privatised broadcast non-BBC TV channels, Satellite TV and radio station transmitters. The company was bought by Cabletel who rebranded as NTL, an American NASDAQ listed business. Over a period of 7 years the business grew rapidly from 1000 people to 22,000 through acquisitions and expanded in International markets.

Bev joined Penna Consulting in 2002 initially to create a strategy for I.T. Within the first year she was promoted to the role of Chief operating officer which included I.T., HR. and all operational and delivery accountability. The largest and most profitable business in Penna was the Career Transition business and Bev set out to re-establish this as the number 1 in the UK market which she achieved in her first year as Managing Director. The Career Transition business needed to trade internationally to meet its client’s goals and so to enable this Bev set about building a global organisation formed of the leading outplacement providers around the world and called it Career Star Group. Bev was the chair of the Career Star Group Board for its first 4 years and took it from 0 to 75 countries coverage. Our Italian founding partner was Intoo and this was her first introduction to the GI group.

Bev was responsible for Penna entering and placing for 7 years in the Times 100 best companies to work for.

Penna was an AIM listed business on the stock market and Bev was an Executive Board member of this PLC business.

Bev is a qualified Executive coach, a mentor, a Master NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner and level A and level B qualified assessor. She is also the President of the Association of Career Firms UK and of the Board of the European association.

As a coach my approach to working with clients is to establish an unambiguous set of goals and agreed ways of working together to ensure sustainable outcomes. As a mentor we will explore a variety of approaches to enable the client to adapt and adopt techniques which may be new to them to create new outcomes and success.

Bev joined GI Group in January 2017 as the UK & Ireland CEO. Her responsibilities include temporary and permanent recruitment across a UK wide network of branches and onsite managed client operations, professional search and selection, coaching, career development career transition and training.  

She is currently learning Italian and has an Italian tutor, loves to sail and lives on the Isle of Wight.