Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Samantha Thomas-Berry

Vice President, European HR

Samantha Thomas-Berry
Kellogg Company

About Samantha Thomas-Berry

Sam Thomas Berry joined Kellogg in 2005 as a HR Manager at its Wrexham Plant.  She has held a variety of other roles with the company including; HR Manager in Manchester Plant, European Organisational Effectiveness Lead, HR Director Supply Chain before becoming VP for HR for EMEA in 2017.

Sam is married and has two children. She is a graduate of John Moore’s University in Liverpool.  Sam has instilled a belief at Kellogg that a culture built on strong relationships can help to achieve business goals and that having the right people culture drives results.

Sam has a background in Telecoms, Engineering and manufacturing and has navigated some difficult decisions with employees and trade unions.  She believes these experiences have helped her develop her leadership skills, specifically how to put yourself in the shoes of others, when making tough decisions.


Session One: From Purpose to Purposeful

Purpose and its role in unifying organisations and driving performance to the benefit of all stakeholders has become a focus of much discussion in recent times. It is of course not about the words but the actions an organisation takes – not about the purpose but about being purposeful.  This session will explore the power of purpose and will reveal the findings of a recent study exploring the concept and its relevance in performance and engagement with both HR and business leaders.


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