Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Tim Morton

Joint Managing Director

Tim Morton
INTOO UK & Ireland

About Tim Morton

Tim is the Director at INTOO UK & Ireland where he works closely with organisations across all sectors to design programmes and solutions that drive the talent agenda; helping companies to get the very best from their people whilst delivering tangible and lasting results. 

Having worked in the talent space for 16 years, Tim completely understands the need for organisations to continually adapt in response to change and the challenges this poses in terms of leadership, communication, engagement and, importantly, individual careers. This is why he is passionate about helping organisations and people navigate periods of change effectively, emerging stronger and more successful.

When not working with clients, Tim can usually be found in the nearest Starbucks, sipping his triple shot cappuccino.


Session Four: The culture of Change Management

The world of work is changing. Organisations need to adapt to this shifting landscape or risk falling into oblivion. Leading through change is a skill that has earned its place in HR’s remit; the current political and economic uncertainty has meant that businesses need to master change management now more than ever before.


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