Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Maggie Spong

Talent Acquisition Global Head

Maggie Spong

About Maggie Spong

Maggie joined AstraZeneca in 2016 as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition, to be a part of its exciting and ambitious strategic journey to return to growth.  She was keen to be part of transforming Talent Acquisition to support the overall HR transformation and business, to put the candidate experience at the core, to optimise technology, to simplify processes, and to build an in-house recruitment team dedicated to helping AstraZeneca on its strategic journey by hiring the right person, at the right time, in the right place and at the right cost.

Maggie’s vision is for a much more strategic Talent Acquisition function at AstraZeneca – a sophisticated, proactive, in-house, expert function that will deliver strong candidate pipelines for the business supported by a strong employer brand. 2017 saw a big transformation, 2018 is about embedding the new function.

Prior to AstraZeneca, Maggie was at Roche for 17 years, the last 8 years in Roche HQ in Switzerland as Group Head for Recruitment where she transformed recruitment for Roche, implementing a successful in-house recruitment and Talent Scout model.

Maggie lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and has four sons and a daughter in law and grandson!  Maggie enjoys a busy life with her family and friends.


Session Three: The future of Talent Management

95% of HR leaders cited burnout as the main reason that their top talent is heading for the door. It’s no longer enough for businesses to think onboarding ends when a contract is signed, or that employees will find their own way in an organisational structure. HR needs to take centre stage in leading the Talent Management revival, through asking the difficult questions that every Board needs to hear.


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