Thursday 15th March 2018 | London

Why host a table?

Two of the sessions will conclude with table discussions. As a table host, you have the opportunity to position yourself at the heart of the debate. Be part of the learning and insights which resonated with your guests. Discuss as a table, how you can benefit from the findings in the research apply to your own organisations. Pull out the key findings to take away and cascade back in the workplace.

* A table comprises of nine delegates.

Learn with your team

Between sessions, you'll have a chance to discuss, absorb and reflect on what you've learned. By sharing ideas with others on your table, you'll be able to take away even more from our research and speakers, and have an even greater impact on your own business. A table host will help to guide your discussion, ensuring you make the most of your time. Make sure you don’t miss out on the key findings by bringing your team for the day.

Lead the discussion

Each research session will conclude with a table discussion, hosted by our sponsors. You'll be positioned at the heart of this discussion, able to see first-hand which areas of research resonated with your potential clients and able to ask you guests specific questions about their thoughts. Find out what HR leaders are planning to apply to their own organisations and see where the greatest value lies for them in a stimulating debate.